New shows for Series slots 1 and 2

Remember, remember, the month of November as NamSoc will be starting not one but TWO new shows! Series one will see the third season of the incredibly popular Black Butler series dubbed “Book of Circus”. The show will run for 10 episodes and will be dubbed in English like the previous two seasons.

The second will be one that’s existed in previous polls as a bit of an underdog, Air Master will also start showing and will run for 27 episodes. The show will be shown in Japanese with English subtitles as a dub was produced but only ran for the first few episodes.

A Spooky Surprise?!

Thank you for everyone who attended the Social Event yesterday at the DCC. Although we did encounter issues beyond our control (the building lost power!), we hope all that made the trip enjoyed themselves. We had several XBox Ones, A WiiU, 3DS and even card games going throughout the day. Also, congrats to Chris for winning the Rocket League Tournament in a tense game against Oni, beating him 3 – 2 in overtime!

Halloween is just around the corner… so what does Namsoc have in store? Details of the events will be revealed on Tuesday, although we can confirm at this time that it’ll follow a similar pattern to recent years (Random drawing of shows that fit into two seperate catergories) and that ALL cosplayers get in free of charge! Stay tuuuuuuuuu~ *Ghost noises* nnnnnneeeedddddd!

Really doesn’t work in text…

Price correction and featured games for Namsoc Games Day

Due to my own mistakes, I listed the upcoming Namsoc Games Day as £2 per person when in fact it is £3. This has been adjusted on the Events page and the website. Sorry to those this has affected. I take full responsibility for not giving you the right information. – Michael.

In return, a couple of games will be featured on the day.

Pokemon X/Y/OR/AS Tourney – With the next Gen of Pokemon games just around the corner, we are giving the current Gen one last hurrah with a tournament at Games Day. Idea right now is for Smogon OU 6 V. 6 Single rules, although these may change depending on what people have ready before the event.

Rocket League Tourney – Small cars and big balls! Taking a popular Top Gear promo and doing for real-ish-ish from the comfort of your own room. Play Football with automobiles, destroy your opponents and score some cracking bicycle kicks. Tournament will be set up on the day depending on number of people signing up. A minimum of 8 would be enough for a full tourney.

Jackbox Party Pack… THREE! – Like a board game but with your phone, on a big screen and slightly more chaos. The ever-popular series releases a new set next week, just in time for many at Namsoc to enjoy for the first time. Games are usually 3 – 8 players, but even audiences members can join in on the carnage. All you need is a phone, tablet or computer with an internet connection.


First of all, we have to apologize for the lack of activity this webpage has seen the last few months. However, we are happy to say that everything looks to be back on track! We gave the site a bit of a spring cleaning (in Autumn no less), updated a few pages, added some features etc. in order for our viewers something new and shiny to look at. Also, if you are visiting for the first time, we’d like to give you a great, big hello! 😀

Games Day is almost upon us. Our members are getting their thumbs ready for a seriously action-packed session of console gaming, competing on consoles old and new across a wide variety of genres. We look forward to seeing people at the DCC at Noon on the 22nd October 2016. Price of admission for all members and newbies is £2 a head. We might even be holding a tournament or two so watch out for updates either on here or the Facebook group (feel free to send a join request – we don’t bite!)

Series 2 Slot: Battle Athletes Victory

Due to an unexpected change in the line-up, the Roberta’s Blood Trail OVA’s for Black Lagoon will NOT be playing at NamSoc and will instead be replaced by the sports/comedy Battle Athletes Victory. We will update on if and when the Black Lagoon OVA’s will be played.

Battle Athletes Victory will begin next week and will run for 26 episodes in either English or Japanese with English Subtitles.

Series 3 Slot: One Punch Man

One of the most popular series released last year, this past Tuesday saw the member-voted premiere of One Punch Man, Shonen Jump’s superhero parody series – definitely one to check out. The series will run for 12 episodes and will be in Japanese with English subtitles, due to lack of an English dub at the time of this writing.