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Series 3 Slot: Bunny Drop

Series 3 Slot: Bunny Drop
Appearing alongside Utena and Starship Operators debuts the 2011 slice-of-life show: Bunny Drop, as voted by NamSoc members. The series will run for 11 episodes in it’s original Japanese audio with English subtitles. This show has been rated PG.

Series 2 Slot: Starship Operators

Series 2 Slot: Starship Operators
Appearing alongside Utena and Space Dandy debuts the 2005 Sci-Fi series: Starship Operators. The series will run for 13 episodes with two episodes a week and will be viewed in either Dubbed or Subtitled format, based on a show of hands tonight.

Suggestions Box Updates

Suggestions Box Updates
There have been new changes to the suggestion box to accommodate more than just screening suggestions as well as a list of previous suggestions. I’m still looking at making further adjustments, but if you have anything else to suggest outside of Tuesdays, it’s now possible here.

Hyper Japan Interest

Hyper Japan Interest
As a bit of interest to members, some of us will be attending Hyper Japan at the end of the month (25-27 July). Many of us will be attending on the Saturday, whilst some NamSoc alumni may be attending for the whole weekend. This is not a NamSoc event, but just a reminder for those interested in attending. For more information, ask Mr. Matt, [...]

UoN SFFASoc screening of Patema Inver...

UoN SFFASoc screening of Patema Inverted
As previously announced on Tuesday, NAMSoc and other clubs/societies in the East Midlands have been invited by the University of Nottingham Sci-Fi Soc to a screening of the animated film “Patema Inverted”. Details can be found on their website:¬† Also check out their Facebook page if [...]

NamSoc May Event: London Comic Con Tr...

NamSoc May Event: London Comic Con Trip
Looks like we’re going on a trip in May – to a little event known as Comic Con. You may have heard of it. The popular event for all things in video gaming, movies and of course, anime, will be at the Royal Victoria Dock from the 23rd to the 25th of May. As a way to spend the day, NamSoc will be going for the event on the Saturday [...]


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