Series 3 Slot: WAGNARIA!!

In a bit of a change of pace, NamSoc started showing the slice-of-life cafe comedy Wagnaria!! (otherwise known as “Working!”). Episodes 1 & 2 premiered this previous meet with episode 2 happening next week (18th August). The show will run for 13 episodes.

As a way to break-up Michiko & Hatchin and MADLAX, WAGNARIA!! will be shown between the two shows at two episodes a week. MADLAX will now be in slot 3 at one episode a week.

The show is suitable for ages 12+ and will be in Japanese with English subtitles by default.

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More events announced!

Next week (Saturday 22nd August) will see another picnic social (weather permitting) whilst NamSoc is planning on going to the fireworks display at Matlock on Saturday 26th September. Click here for more details.

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Series 1 Slot: Michiko and Hatchin

After a couple of near-misses, third time is the charm for Michiko and Hatchin, the directorial debut of Sayo Yamamoto (Lupin The Third: Woman Called Fujiko Mine). Set in Brazil, Michiko and Hatchin is an action series with a very unique flavor and features one of the more distinct odd-couples you’ll see in anime.

The show will start next week (4th August) and will run for 22 episodes. Being a dual-audio release, the language track will be optioned on the night. The BBFC have rated the show a 15 due to violence, bad language and some sexual imagery.

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Series 2 Slot: MADLAX

With Attack on Titan gone (for now…), NamSoc’s next committee choice is set to complement the other line-up’s Magical Girls and Girls’ mechas with a large assortment of guns (and a somewhat unfortunate title). From the same studio that produced Noir comes MADLAX, and it will be premiering next Tuesday (7th July).

Madlax will run for 26 episodes in either English or Japanese with English subtitles. This show is rated 15 by the BBFC due to violence throughout.

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Series 1 Slot: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s

Following the first Nanoha series, NamSoc started playing season 2 (Otherwise known as “A’s”) this past Tuesday. Episodes 2 and 3 will play next week (23rd June) in Japanese with English subtitles.

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NamSoc events updates: Picnic & Johnsonbury

Information on the next two NamSoc events are now here on the main site, featuring the NamSoc Picnic/Outdoors event for this Sunday, and the Johnsonbury event on July 4th. For more information, check out the EVENTS page here.

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