A Spooky Surprise?!

Thank you for everyone who attended the Social Event yesterday at the DCC. Although we did encounter issues beyond our control (the building lost power!), we hope all that made the trip enjoyed themselves. We had several XBox Ones, A WiiU, 3DS and even card games going throughout the day. Also, congrats to Chris for winning the Rocket League Tournament in a tense game against Oni, beating him 3 – 2 in overtime!

Halloween is just around the corner… so what does Namsoc have in store? Details of the events will be revealed on Tuesday, although we can confirm at this time that it’ll follow a similar pattern to recent years (Random drawing of shows that fit into two seperate catergories) and that ALL cosplayers get in free of charge! Stay tuuuuuuuuu~ *Ghost noises* nnnnnneeeedddddd!

Really doesn’t work in text…

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