Anime Review: Detroit Metal City

Written by Johnathan Ogden

DMC Main


Based on the seinen manga by Wakasugi Kiminori serialised in Young Animal.

Souichi Negishi is a shy young man who came from the rural Ota Prefecture to Tokyo for college and wished to become a kindergarten teacher. However, for some reason he became the singer and songwriter of a metal band named “Detroit Metal City,” with a stage name “Johannes Krauser II.” Whenever he wears the heavy makeup, Negishi becomes a completely different person, shouting the most vulgar profanities beyond anyone’s imagination. With the popularity of DMC increases, Negishi starts worrying his double personalities can have negative effects on his (romantic) life off stage.

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Story: 7/10 “I come to you from hell”

Detroit Metal city follows the story of a guy called Negishi,  who came from a rural area of Japan, to go to college in Tokyo. He really likes his Swedish-Pop music and wants to try and become famous playing it, but instead he ends up becoming the front man of a death metal band called DMC (Detroit Metal City) with the stage name of Johannes Krauser II.
Usually Negishi is a shy person, but when he puts on his DMC clothing and make up he changes to being loud and abusive, singing songs about rape and murder, because of this Negishi personalities sometimes gets mixed up which ends up having an interesting effect on his personal life.

DMC Band

Visuals/ Animation: 7/10 Comic Strips?

The animation is strange, It changes from being a standard drawn anime to an animated comic book with i sound over the top. The comic book style occurs mostly when there is conversations (usually involving members and the manager/president of DMC), this style is used less as the series progresses. The way they have set the style out adds a good effect the overall comedy of the series.


The Sound:
 9/10 “Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape!”

With DMC being an OVA it doesn’t have to worry about what type of language it uses, so it involves a sh*t load of swearing, using phrases like “F**k! my C**t is so wet” and using the word “F**k!” like it is the natural part of the vocabulary. So for people that are easily offended by swearing and sexual references/ implications then this anime is not for you.
The fact that this is an anime about music means it actually has music in it, the two main styles that are played thoughout the anime are Death Metal (opening theme) and Swedish-pop (closing theme). But throughout the series it also has a number of different styles like punk and hip-hop. The way they have set out the music and what the bands sing about makes the series more comical.

Character: 8/10 Negishi? Krausar? Negishi? Krausar? Who am I?

All the characters are likable and bring various personalities and backgrounds to the anime. The only character that develops throughout the series is Negishi. He is an interesting character that hates violence but whilst dressed as Krauser II acts very violent and demonic (like a alternative ego) and the actions he takes lead to some very interesting results.

Death Metal vs Swedish Pop

Value and enjoyment: 9/10 “That concert made me  cum! F**kin’ crazy guys, DMC!”

Personally I like various styles of music but my favourite is Metal and when I first heard about this anime it really interested me. After watching it, I feel it was a lot better than what I thought it was going to be like. I was expecting something a bit more serious (I was kind of expecting something like Beck as I didn‘t read the main plot) but it ended up taking a completely different approach. The series had me feeling like I was going to die of laughter at points and when it wasn’t it was still making me laugh.
Towards the end of the series it felt like it was repeating previous jokes are  to similar to how they had been shown before which was quite disappointing considering that it was a 12 episode OVA with each episode being 15 minutes long but for how much you will be laughing it is a small sacrifice.


Overall Rating: 8/10

By Phoenix

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