Like every society, NamSoc is ran and organised by a group of passionate anime enthusiasts to provide other fans the opportunity to interact with other like-minded people, watch some new shows or to just have a fun time. Underneath are the people who have made NamSoc the place it is today and have helped keep it going since the damn of the century.

Positions are correct as of 29th May 2017.

President: Phil

Secretary/Librarian: Ren (Lorraine)

Treasurer/Webmaster: Keith

Operations Officer: Ian

Social Secretary: David K.

Committee meetings usually happen on the second Sunday of every month at the Johnson Arms at 6pm. At these meetings we discuss topics such as screening suggestions, upcoming ideas, commitee activity and much more. These meetings are open to all NamSoc members, so feel free to attend one and share some of your own ideas. Alternatively, you can e-mail the committee at or use the site’s own suggestions page.

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