Game Review: Another Century’s Episode 3 – The Final

Written by Lord Kamina

Well its been a long time since my last game review but I have to busy to try or rely errm care…, but now I am back in business and for your reading pleasure I give you one of the rear diamonds in the rough of gaming ^^

Another Century’s Episode 3 or its more conmen abbreviated name A.C.E 3 is the 3 game produced by Banpresto and developed by From Software. It is the sequel to the popular 2006 game Another Century’s Episode 2, and the final game in the Another Century’s Episode series yes I know some will say “this games been out for ages!!!” BUT for those out there who have never heard this game this is for you!

Another Century’s Episode 3 features a total of eighteen different series, with 103!!! player-usable mechas, including weapons, colors and Getter’s variations and A.C.E. Originals. And features the original, full vocal versions of the songs from each fetured robot series

The games story takes place between the final battle between the UCE and the Zentradi (the antagonists of Macross), known as The First Defensive War. It also mentions that the UCE forces has been reformed into the Earth Federation forces. The game’s overall plot deals with the sudden appearance of a second, war-torn Earth from which new and more deadly enemies emerge. At the same time, enemies who survived the First Defensive War begin reappearing on the original Earth, further complicating matters. The game is primarily divided between two sides with “Earth Side A “dealing with the stories for Endless Waltz, Char’s Counterattack, Macross, Macross Plus, Dragonar, Wings of Rean and Prince of Darkness, while “Earth Side B” (the new, ruined Earth) involves the plots of Gundam X, Eureka Seven, Shin Getter Robo, and Overman King Gainer. The stories behind the remaining series (Gundam ,Turn A Gundam, Gundam SEED, G Gundam, Dunbine, and Brain Powerd) are not included existing mainly to support the other series.

This game for me is a personal favorite if you have ever played or seen any of Banpresto super robot war games than you know there style is primly tern based combat with beautiful animated battle scenes but for some that can be dull especially with Japanese text witch brings me to the main selling point of A.C.E 3 its PACE!

Yes the pace when you fly a VF-1S Super Valkyrie though a massive battle field at full speed you feel like putting on the sdf macross ost and feel you blood boil with pure manliness, the game gives you a real feel super robot combat as you can use any number os said robots attacks as in one secumstance I was faced against 7 smaller enemies from the Eureka seven series fast little buggers and to hard to hit with a melee attack as the dart around the screen as I was playing with shin getter (the MOST broken unit in the game I might add) I decided to give them a nice look at my GETTER BEEEEEEM!!! Witch in turn obliterated them all in half a second and sent there now chard remains dancing tough the wind its just so good to be able to do what ever attack you want with out seeing “YOU DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH EN TO DO THIS ATTACK COME BACK LATER OR JUST LEAVE NOW YOU DUMB S**T HAHA!”

Saying that it doesn’t mean the game isn’t challenging when you do meet a squad of enemies there is usually one much stronger enemy with some kind of powerful attack this can get pi**y when you face the getter robo monsters one of witch can shoot god damn nukes at you!! Witch if you are playing as a transforming unit this forces you transform witch can be a pain in mid battle but I digress some may find the game a fast paced action romp featuring all of your most fondest robots others may say its just one of those go here kill that then do it again 40 times

I myself stand firmly on the this game rocks whoop whoop! group just for the fact it is the only game that acutely depicts the macross series so well if you or anyone you know has ever play one of the older macross game such as macross plus or The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? The ps1 would be sorely disappointed as both games a on 2d side/top down scollers where legions of Zentradi/ miscellanies bad guys come charging to the deaths like a legion of retarded lemmings

But in A.C.E 3 you can do all you have ever wanted I personally love missile spamming every living thing on the screen only to see the missiles dart around like the homing system was made by a blind leper leaving a highly satisfying vapor trail of doom before annihilating said target in a brightly colored (and for some reason pink??) explosion

All in all the game was made by fanboys for fanboys it doesnet relly make a dash for anything outrajoius because it never needs to the develepor did one of the few reare thing what are needed these days and made the game fun! Remember fun before games turned into halo 3/ smash brothers party nights where one of your mates (you know who you are) has spent so much time on the online mode he knows where your going to be one hour before you do tuning it into a hurr hurr I are the leet player! Fest…any way hope you like the review ^^

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