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revengeanceposterCreated by Martin “Martz” Brown, Revengeance is a two-hour wrestling show featuring members from both NamSoc and EMAG, headlined by Phil Presidente and Jim within the confines of Hell in a Cell. Originally making it’s debut at the December 1st Games Day in 2012, the whole show is now live on YouTube.
PLAY SHOW (1 hour, 55 minutes long)
ORIGINAL TRAILER (3 minutes, 9 seconds long)


For three years, the Regional Social event was host to the “Regional Rumble”, a show using the latest WWE video game and the Royal Rumble match type, where NamSoc members’ submitted characters competed in a fantasy match-up to determine the next champion.

Previous winners: Phil Presidente (2012), KaKnuckles (2013) and Richard “The Problem” Protheroe (2014).

The third annual Regional Rumble featuring it’s greatest roster yet! Faces old and new enter the ring in the hope of becoming the NEXT Regional Rumble champion.
PLAY SHOW (37 minutes, 44 seconds long)

Originally played live during the Regional Social back in early February, this version is now available for those who missed it, and for those who wish to relive the glory (or agony) of seeing their characters fight it out to become Regional Rumble champion!
PLAY SHOW (35 minutes, 57 seconds long)

Unfortunately there are no existing recordings of the 2012 Regional Rumble.


Join NamSoc member and longtime fan Carlo on his Nostalgic journey of the Anime Fandom in the UK from mid 1980’s to the late 1990’s, in celebration of the pioneers.

 After years of hoarding boxes of Anime magazines, Japanese comic books, Anime convention ephemera, personal correspondence, VHS Video tapes, fanzines, and Anime Club details, he would like to add to the World Wide Web’s records his account of a time before e-mails and websites were popular, and how a Fandom grew.



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