Seen a good show you want others to see? Know of a manga you want others to read? Found a fun game you recommend? In addition to the physical suggestion box at NamSoc meet-up’s, we’re now accepting suggestions on our website in the event you want to recommend something without the wait until Tuesday!

Suggesting an item is simple – fill in the fields below and at Committee meetings, we’ll be looking through what you put down to help decide what we may be adding to NamSoc in the future. This includes all sorts of screening, items for the library, board games to play before screenings or during socials, etc. All suggestions will be considered.

Everything is welcome, as long as it’s suitable for use within the DCC. We can’t consider screenings involving extreme sexual content such as hentai (anime, games, manga, etc.) and we can only provide library material if they’re legitimately available and at a reasonable price. Rated-18 material is allowed to be suggested, but we will discard any suggestions that may be deemed unsuitable.

Also note that when suggesting the series that it has to be a genuine anime of Japanese origin, so anime-influenced shows like “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, “Boondocks” or “RWBY”, where the animation is produced outside Japan cannot count.


Fields marked with a * are required.

Full title in Japanese or alternate English name. If you're suggesting a game or a spin-off to a series, a FULL title is appreciated for clarity.

Where at NamSoc would you like to see this series? Would you like to see it as a future screening or maybe a new addition to the Library. Maybe even a game for a social, be it a board game or video? Label it here.

A description of the item you're suggesting. URL's and copy/paste descriptions are fine. Personal descriptions are more highly considered.

Your reason as to why this item should be brought into NamSoc.

Please make sure all fields are completed properly before clicking the "submit" button as there is no "redo" function.

The form will disappear from this page after submission.

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